Modern Classic?

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The rumours have been around for a while and now they are gathering momentum – Zerogradinord published an article (no source, though) about the MJ90, an evolution of the AC90. Apparently the first is to launch in 2012.

Below is our own translation of the interesting bits. We can’t help but think that in the light of recent development, this concept might just be classified as a ‘modern classic’;

‘The going price will be around 4.25 million Euro, not including the spars. The carbon mast will have inline spreaders and topmast runners, runners and checks (Ed. ACC V5 Style). Current estimates conclude that the additional cost will be 700’000 Euro and will include the mast, rigging and two booms.

Restrictions will be imposed on the number of sails carried out during the season and the initial package will include two Main Sails, four Head Sails, Code Zero’s and Spinnaker. At the moment there is no single supplier rule for the sails.’

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