In your face.

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Congrats to Quantum Racing – winners of the 2011 MedCup. We have to admit that despite all the other cool sailing going on, we were completely glued to the final two days of the Conde de Godo Barcelona Trophy. Ran’s incredible performance, Bribon’s heartfelt farewell and Quantum’s convincing overall win was unmatched by any other event on offer last week. Bring on 2012!

Audi MedCup 2011 – Overall.

1. Quantum Racing – Mast: Hall Spars, Composite Rigging: Future Fibres FlexC
2. Bribon – Mast: Southern Spars, Composite Rigging: Future Fibres FlexC
3. Audi Azzurra Sailing Team – Mast: Southern Spars (tpt), Composite Rigging: EC6 LEF

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