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It’s been impossible not to notice that something is afoot at the sharp end of the grand prix mast production and a brief look at the Volvo Ocean Race fleet confirms it – a new player has arrived.

Future Fibres first announced their intention, “to build the best high performance rigs in the world and lead the next wave of spar development”, little over a year ago and it would appear that they have delivered on that promise.

Having two spars (Azzam and Sanya) in Volvo Ocean Race is an immense achievement for a company that was formed little over a year ago and the public praise for their rigs is considerable. Whether it is the maxi worlds, St. Tropez or dockside in Alicante, everyone is talking about the benefits of another world class spar builder and their intent to break up the monopoly of the established ‘go to’ companies.

Praise, with firsthand experience of the new Future Fibres product, includes the likes of Mike ‘Moose’ Sanderson who says:  “Like everything with the Team Sanya project the timeline for the new mast, boom and rigging was incredibly tight, Future Fibres have delivered and now sea trialed what looks to be an exceptional product. As we hoped from the design, the mast is significantly stiffer then it’s predecessor, is immaculately presented and very importantly for a fast Volvo mast was on target weight and center of gravity. I just want to thank the whole team at Future Fibres for the massive effort to deliver us such a lovely product on an amazingly short time-line.”

 But ultimately, its results that count and only time will tell. For now, Future Fibres seem to be doing a good job, delivering a solid product, while quietly stirring things up which will, in the end, benefit every race team as the days of shipping out the same old products are well and truly gone.

If you want to stay in the game, now is the time to innovate which Rigging News, for one, is most excited about!

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