Bad Leg

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It’s been a bad leg from a mast and rigging perspective. Most has been well documented (Azzam and Puma) but not many have picked up on Campers near disastrous runner failure a few hours before the finish. It’s not so interesting for the mainstream media as it was not a ‘race stopper’ and fairly hard to explain to the non-sailing or’ weekend warrior’ audience. Hence it was a mere foot note on the Volvo Website and virtually completely ignored elsewhere.

Remaining top mast runner streaming aft at the top of the mast as Camper finishes leg 1.

A haliard is being used as a emergency runner replacement – Photos: Paul Todd/VOR

The pictures clearly show that the top mast runner failed in the region of the deflector taco and that the team used a haliard to see them through the last few hours of leg one. Why it happened, no one is saying, but what is clear is that Camper was very lucky not to join Azzam and Puma in the ‘club’.


  Comments: 21

  1. Telefonica must be crapping themselves!

  2. I hear its not that big a drama. . . sounds like the boys got the deflector taco or that region of the stay caught on the head of the main while reefing. . . Lets not forget that Paprec just finished the BWR with an identical aft rigging setup as Tele has now. . .

  3. uuuh sounds like a poor attempt to get this buried under the sand!!! Should we say it was the Fairy Reefing Godmother?

  4. How come Camper is deflecting a straight cable when everyone else splits the backstay in two parts? Camper looks better but there must be a reason why no one else is doing it…. could it be the same reason why it broke? Someone explain please!


  5. If they managed to break a cable that usually works @ 8-9 tons just by pulling down mainsail for reefing, well, good luck for the rest of the trip…

  6. Wankers ………. if you take a good look at the photo and figure where it broke by comparing against the one that is in use, you can see that it broke well above the deflector – like about 500-600mm.Telefonica also deflecting EC6 cables without links ……… with no issues.Really, with the crap that is published on this website, anyone would think this website is run by a Future Fibres employee or something?

  7. It is….

  8. Did I miss something? The rig is still standing isn't it?

  9. From what I heard, I think it was while re-hoisting the sail, the deflector that wraps around the stay got caught on the main head. . . would make sense for the break location above the deflector too. . .

  10. @ anonymous 8:55 – a quick look on the website shows that there are 40 odd post related to SS pubished. All positive and neutral. Even this post does not refer to you're business (big assuption that you work there). So, whats your problem? Maybe come out from your anonymous cover and share you anger issues.


  11. the site is run by a valencia based rigging company, thats not a big secret…….

  12. @7;48. Not quite true. The 'valencia based rigging company' owns no stake in Rigging News.

  13. @7;48. Not quite true. The 'valencia based rigging company' owns no stake in Rigging News.

  14. Fuck those nay sayers, Rigging News! Awesome job, its on the daily reading list with SA and Vsail. Keep it up, Thanks!!!!


  15. Any news on why they're changing the rigging on Abu Dhabi? Are they going discontinuous now?

  16. donna why but its happening here in CT. apparently its similar to the system on tele.

  17. Tele has EC6 doesn't it??? Same as Camper and Puma?

  18. @November 30, 2011 8:10 PM – are you sure you don't mean Groupama? Full length cap shroud and seperate diagonals?

  19. Full explanation from Nico of crew error that caused the break here!2011/12/nicos-blog-rigging-reflections

  20. Groupama is going with Carbo-link Rigging: full length cap shroud and seperate diagonals. Abu Dhabi and Sanya had continuous carbon rigging made of solid rods. Abu Dhabi's rig came, so the rigging is replaced with discontinuous rigging, probably in Carbo-Link style.So I think Future Fibre is a little bit worried about the continuous system and do not want to risk that Sanya's rig is coming down as well. So they might change the Sanya rigging also to a discontinuous system. Any news?

  21. So it doesn't have anything to do with the patent then??