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Puma’s skipper Ken Read is starting to shed some light on the possible cause of their mast failure in his latest update:

….so, we are back on track for the moment, awaiting our shipping plan from Tristan to Cape Town from Tim Hacket and Kimo Worthington who essentially are working around the clock and have more balls in the air than a circus clown. The mast team assembled today back in Rhode Island, we had a conference call with them and a plan is in place to upgrade several small fasteners on the mast that we believe one of which may have been what failed. We need a full-blown forensics team out here, or the cast of “CSI Miami,” to find out every little detail. It is really difficult to know the cause for sure because the mast and a lot of the rigging is mangled. You never really know what let go to start the disaster or what damage happened as it came crashing down. But, we have great people on it and everyone is working really hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

Read the full report here.


  Comments: 10

  1. A little confused on this one.. Anyone else? Really does not explain much this one from Kenny!!! 'plan is in place to upgrade several small fastners on the mast'-Sounds like a bit of a weak reason/rationale for dropping a stick! Anyone from Hall Spars here avaliable for comment?

  2. Why the F*^& should Hall tell you anything Mick! Its there call if they want to release information and have the right not to! Not sure it will do any-one any good apart from Halls competetors knowing their faliures? Lets face it there was hardly a public enquiry when Salperton lost its Southern Spars mast? WTF happened there?

  3. Jesus, looks like someone got out of bed the wrong side today

  4. Ladies – put the handbags down!

  5. Maybe Hall should have Scott Ferguson do he talking since he did the math no?

  6. Yeah and got hung out to dry by them pretty publicly..

    'Where are the gallows.. Bring down Scott Ferguson, cried Eric Hall, the town executioner!'

  7. Confused – who is Scott Ferguson and why is Eric Hall 'hanging him out to dry?'

  8. Scott Ferguson was the designer of the mast ( a consultant engineering used by puma to design the rig on behalf of Hall). As for why Eric Hall is hanging him out to dry I cannot answer on behalf of anonymous but guess he (or she indeed) is referring to the press release where Scott was names in person. Would suppose that the latest statement in regards to the new small fixings may move Scott Ferguson from the picture slightly?


  9. Thanks Jeremy!

  10. I think about 11 sailors, prof. sports men and woman, on each boat they have new products and new materials, if something goes wrong the designers have something to look after but in the and it make sailing more confortable and safer for all of us, it is the same as in formule 1 raceing, have a bit more respect for the guys out there they test everything to the limit.