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The latest mad creation from the lake Geneva posse has been launched. It’s the P28’s innovative sail plan which we are particularly interested in. 

© P28 foiler Philippe Schiller /

(Source: The P28 «Gonet & Cie» has a double-surfaced sail stiffened by its internal structure. This type of rig resembles a ribcage. Each rib consists of a camber inducer which gives the mainsail curve and hence enables the optimum flow. Like the wings on a plane, the asymmetric profile of the sail area increases lift. The sail can be hoisted around the mast with its camber inducers. As a result, it can also be dumped (dropped) or reefed (reducing sail area through putting in reefs), in contrast to a fixed wing. Principally intended to give the sail area the perfect curve, the camber inducers extend along the entire length of the mast from top to bottom. As such they tension nineteen battens to maintain the profile’s curve at its nominal value.

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  Comments: 1

  1. Looks like it took "inspiration" from the Omer style rig that Hall Spars built years ago.