Leg 1 – done.

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Congrats to Telefoncia, the winner of leg one in the Volvo Ocean Race. The boat/team from Spain kept it together while pushing hard. 50% of the fleet didn’t. Watch this great Vid of Telefonica’s last few miles under Table Top montain, on apporach to Cape Town:


  Comments: 7

  1. Quite a few reports suggest that Camper 'broke some rigging' and is luck to be in Cape Town…

    Anyone knows what happened?

  2. Apparently they broke their backstay on the last night out. Donno which part though. (Cable, Fitting, loops, etc.)

  3. Word on the dock here is CT is that the EC6 runner stay broke on the deflector taco. This leg has not been a good advert for comp rigging!


  4. on the deflector? Telefonica got to be concerned about that!! They are double deflecting

  5. How does that work?

  6. deflector on both mast top runner and check stay. the deflector goes in rig were normaly runner and lower check would attach. this set up allows a trim similair to 4 (mtb, runner, check, lower check) aft stays, beit with les induvudual adjustmens

  7. so – you be f%$cked if that breaks!!!