A solid 100t.

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Soto 150’ – first superyacht ever to be fully equipped with solid carbon rigging

(Source: Carbo-Link) Carbo-Link is proud to announce to be the first carbon rigging manufacturer to equip a superyacht with a complete set of solid carbon rigging. The 150’, Soto Acebal designed schooner, will be launched in 2012. The mast is produced by King Composite. Due to their excellent results in the Germanischer Lloyd Certificate, Carbo-Link is currently the only carbon rigging manufacturer able to provide solid carbon cables up to working loads of 100 tons making Carbo-Link the premier supplier of carbon rigging for superyachts.


  Comments: 6

  1. Not strictly true! Future Fibres completed the retrofit of the Baltic 152 Pink Gin in the spring of this year with our TSC solid carbon rigging and the rigging sizes are likely to be significantly larger than the Soto 150

  2. Who is building the yacht?

  3. Phil: Do you mean your rigging diameters are significantly bigger than Carbo Links, or the lengths….?

  4. No! I meant that the cable specs are significantly higher in terms of strength and EA – Pink Gin is a sloop vs the Soto 150 ketch. I think you will find our weights and diameters smaller for a given EA!

  5. Hi guys
    here's a interesting link to all GL certificates of composite rigging:
    just choose:Kind of approval "type approval of shipbuilding equipment" and Group "Rigging system"