And in Palma…

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RSB Rigging has been super busy:

9 December, 2011

RSB Rig Pro unstep Orion mast…
RSB Rig Pro unstepped the 35 meter wing mast onboard Orion; a 30 meter Katana catamaran earlier this week. The unstepping procedure went as planned however there were a few tense moments when the wind picked up as the mast was lifted and started acting as a wing, threatening to lift the boys on the tag lines with it. The mast will remain on the ground while the boat undergoes a refit carried out by BM Composites over the winter months.

29 November, 2011
RSB Rig Pro unstep Alexia’s mast…
RSB Rig Pro unstepped the 45 meter Hall Spar rig from the Wally 98; Alexia earlier this morning. The boat is out of the water for a winter refit and the decision to unstep was made last week to enable the mast to be repainted at the same time. Weather conditions were perfect and the mast was secure in the hi-load trollies by 1030, allowing the crew to go for their morning coffee and cake.

24 November, 2011
RSB Rig Pro and THL unstep Tenaz rig…
While the mast was being re-stepped onboard Bramora at one end of the yard, in the large travel lift pit at the other end the RSB team were also working with THL to unstep the 43 meter mast onboard the Dubois designed sloop Tenaz. The mast has been unstepped for a rod refit which will be undertaken by BSI. The mast came out with out any problems and the undressing procedure was started straight away.

24 November, 2011
RSB Rig Pro restep Bramora….
RSB Rig Pro completed the restepping procedure on Bramora earlier on Thursday. The mast was unstepped in late September for an 8 year rod refit and to enable NDT inspections to be carried out on the pins, sheaves and goosenecks. The rig and boom went back in without any hitches and the whole operation was completed by lunch time.

22 November, 2011
RSB Rig Pro unstep Luskentyre….
RSB Rig Pro unstepped the 32 meter mast on the Oyster 72; Luskentyre earlier yesterday morning. The boat is in Palma to undertake a rod refit over the next few months and will also undertake various other maintenance projects while this work is carried out.

3 November, 2011
RSB Rig Pro unstep Anemos mast…
Following the restepping of Koo; Peer, Russ and Helmut loaded up the truck and headed for Valencia for the unstepping procedure on the Swan 112, Anemos. The mast was due for unstepping on the 3rd however due to the imminent arrival of high winds and bad weather this was bought forward a day to make sure the operation could be completed with no delays.

The mast was unstepped yesterday with no problems and has been fully stripped for transport up to the Future Fibres facility where it will be fitted with new spreaders, repainted and a new set of continuous carbon standing rigging will be produced during the winter months.

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