Late Nights in the Keys

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(Source: Rig Pro Newport) This year’s winter classic was good by most standards. I have heard all about the dwindling numbers and the end of a classic, but not from where I sat. The IRC boats had a great event, as did the M32,M24, Farr 40, and Farr 400 classes. All were represented by good quality teams from around the globe. There were 57 Southern Spars rigs at the event, including all three boats in IRC 1 and featuring EC6 standing rigging. Also sailing with EC6 are the Farr 400s and a few TPs. Unfortunately the new Carkeek 40 was not able to make the event and mix it up with the Mc Conaghy 38. These boats are to be quite competitive with the Carkeek boat using EC6 standing rigging and a running rigging package using Marlow and made up by Rig Pro US.

The week started off with some breezy practice days which lead up to Monday’s 20+ knot race day. These are the kind of conditions that are good for business! I made up some spares for two of the “big boats” and also some TPs. The trailer was stocked with cordage from Maffioli and also Marlow. I used plenty of PBO covers which is becoming the norm for the super stiff race boats with aggressive sail trimmers and abrasive winches. The first few days was me and some boat crew putting in some late evenings.

The remainder of the week was sailed in near perfect conditions, save for Wednesday.

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