Soft Wing

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(Source: Our project consists in designing and selling innovative sails based on our US patented technology which allows the realization of a Soft Wing with Variable Profile.

With concern to material and construction typology, our wing may look like a traditional flexible sail but it actually presents with a fully sealed double surface capable to take an asymmetrical airfoil which range from concave to flat lower surface (Joukowski/Kutta), independently from the tack.

Through additional running rigging on our wing, you can modify the maximum wing thickness and the point of maximum thickness on the chord while sailing, thus allowing performance variations according to the different wind intensity and to different points of sailing.

Designed to be adapted to your mast – and not the other way round – our wing can be used on almost all kind of masts and it generally does not require any kind of modifications of structural elements unless strictly necessary for an optimum performance (e.g. spreaders have to be checked).

Our design responds to traditional sails parameters in terms of luff (P) and foot (E) and to wing shape standards such as the chord line percentage to assess the camber and the thickness of the airfoil.

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