Carbon Rigging Q & A: Carbo-Link

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Rigging News: What is your carbon rigging product called?
Carbo-Link:The Carbo-Link carbon rigging is called: CL-HT

RN: What are its applications?

CL: CL-HT systems are used as rigging for Racing boats and Superyachts in the following application:

·         Shrouds (Lateral rigging)
·         Fore and Aft Stays (Headstay, torsionally stiff headstay, Backstays and Runners)
·         Bobstays
·         Platform rigging (Multi Hulls)

RN: Where do you produce your rigging?

CL: The Carbo-Link CL-HT rigging is produced in Switzerland, 8320 Fehraltorf near Zurich. Longer stays with custom application have been cured in the field on site for 9 years while achieving the same excellent quality as in the factory.

RN: What is the construction method?

CL:The CL-HT rigging is constructed with in-house produced prepreg carbon that is continuously wound around custom designed Titanium end fittings. Every cable and fitting is individually designed to ensure that the smallest and safest rigging is achieved according to that specific project’s stiffness (EA) and working loads (WL).

RN: What are the benefits of that method?
·      The CL-HT system increases reliability due to the mechanical connections: no adhesive bonded joints and no clamp connections are used.  The CL-HT system quality and reliability is unquestionable in view of 17 years of engineering experience with Solid Rod Systems, and 11 years as supplier to top ocean and inshore mono and multihull yachts
·         At Carbo-Link we produce our own prepreg material. This allows us full flexibility on the choice of fiber and resin systems. We can therefore apply the best engineering to achieve the best quality possible.
·         Producing our own prepreg Carbon means we are able to build the carbon bands to the exact width needed for each specific projects rigging. Assuring the perfect alignment of each fiber in the loaded direction with no fibers needing to be cut off.

·         The Carbo-Link Solid Rod System offers the lowest windage advantages due to the style of bonding, different fiber grades, types of profiled sections and tapered cables than alternative systems.

·         The rigging and end fittings at Carbo-Link are tailored made to exactly the required properties (stiffness and working loads). The clients do not need to take the next bigger size cable out of a cable range with unnecessary large and chunky end fittings as with alternative systems.

·         On site curing for long stays and shrouds since 2003 assures easy delivery in any part of the world at same quality as factory curing.

RN: How long does it last in a lateral rigging capacity?

CL: In principal, a noticeable degradation of the structural properties of carbon fiber rigging is not expected with anticipated use of the rigging.  Carbon fiber composites are not prone to fatigue failure in the load regime resulting from the applied safety margins of the design principles used. However the metal end fittings have to be treated differently and hence a service program is crucial for the longevity of Carbo-Link Rigging. By now, different racing yachts (Orma 60, Open 60, Volvo Ocean Race boats, 105′ Trimaran) have circumnavigated the globe and some of them are planning  to start with the same rigging for a new circumnavigation.

RN: Your biggest boat?
CL:Carbo-Link is currently producing stays up to 49m length and 100 tons working loads for a 60m schooner and has produced cables up to 60m length and 130 tons breaking load.

RN: Your Smallest Boat?
CL: The smallest boat supplied with Carbo-Link backstays is the Swiss Olympic Team “Marazzi” in the Star class.

RN: Which boat stands out from the crowd / most memorable one and why?
CL: Carbo-Link produced platform and elliptical shaped mast rigging for Alinghi V. The biggest cable length was 60m. In all cables optical fibers for load measurements were incorporated. The biggest working load was measured with 130 tons in the platform rigging. The maximal stiffness (EA) of the cables was 510 MN.

PS: New AC72 Rigging we cannot say much but we can say WOW!

RN: Any additional info you would like to share?

·         Carbo-Link has the highest working load Germanischer-Lloyd certification of all the companies building carbon rigging. (based upon GL website information February 2012).

·         Carbo-Link and its founders have 17 years of experience with the CL-HT System, initially supplied to the construction industry.

·         The experience from producing Solid Rod Cables for industrial high rise cranes with working loads up to 130 tons that is continuously exposed to the elements, has provided us with unparalleled data and experience that we have been able to incorporate into rigging for yachts. Today Carbo-Link is the exclusive carbon cable supplier to world number one Super crane manufacturer Liebherr.

·         Carbo-Link founders pioneered carbon cable construction reinforcements for civil engineering projects since 1993 with breaking loads of up to 1200 tons.

·         Carbo-Link provides ultra light tubes to high performance aircraft and pressure vessels for Sauber Formula 1 Team.

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