En Route

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Steve Edmonds/Volvo Ocean Race

Steve Edmonds/Volvo Ocean Race

Ronald Koelink

(Source: VOR) Groupama shore manager Ben Wright said his next priority was to start work on their replacement mast which is expected to arrive at the team base today after being flown from the Netherlands by official race logistics partner DHL. “It was unloaded off the plane during the night, loaded on a truck and is due to arrive in the middle of the afternoon,” he said. “We are looking forward to getting it in front of our base, unpacking it and putting it together.”

Wright said he was confident the operation to fit out the new spar would be completed in the next couple of days despite requiring some painstaking work. “It is a first generation mast but there are not many differences,” he said. “We need to go through the process of putting it all together and checking everything over. There is a lot of work and a lot of details which just soak up time so it will take a couple of days, but we have that time before the boat goes in the water so there is no rush or panic on it.”

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