30 is the new 40

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Southern Spars’ rigged Soto 30 One Design is coming!
Source: Southern Spars / Sotto30

The mast, one of the most important components of the Soto 30.
The Soto 30 One Design mast is manufactured in a female tool using 100% standard modulus Pre-preg carbon fibre. This method allows us to place internal patching exactly where required for maximum benefit whilst producing a smooth external surface which generates the lowest possible windage and increases aesthetic appeal.

During manufacture & assembly, the mast passes through a series of strict One Design quality control checks which enable us to ensure consistency of bend, weight & centre of gravity. This spar package design has been optimized from the onset with input from the designer, boat builder and sail makers – this translates into a high performance spar package that is engineered and manufactured for seamless, optimal interface with the boat & the sail package.

At Southern Spars we believe that increased tube stiffness is directly linked to enhanced performance & boat speed, hence we strive to build lighter, stiffer masts by paying careful attention to all aspects of the build. Our pre-preg carbon is carefully selected according to resin content which allows us to accurately control tube weight & centre of gravity. All fittings are marine grade & either manufactured in-house or sourced from reputable international suppliers.

The boom is a lightweight aluminum extrusion, anodized black to match the mast finish. Sail control is provided for by an efficient 8:1 Spectra outhaul as well as an internal 24:1 vang purchase which gets lead via the boom inboard end down to the deck, keeping things uncluttered.

Additional high performance features of the spar package include:

GENOA HALYARD LOCK Custom designed to suit the Soto 30, benefits include:
• Effectively halving the mast compression caused by the genoa luff tension which allows us to build a lighter tube for the same bend characteristics
• Enables faster hoists as the halyard is locked into position without need for adjustment; reduces wear on the genoa halyard caused by movement over the sheave;
• Allows for faster jib drops

• CNC machined components guarantee uniformity & keep weight to a minimum. Additional advantages include:
• Ensures main halyard is hoisted to the correct height, every time
• Effectively halves mast compression caused by the mainsail luff
• Reduces chafe on the main halyard caused by movement over the sheave

JIB CUNNINGHAM SYSTEM – incorporates a lightweight carbon fibre jib tack shuttle, also:
• Allows crew to easily & constantly adjust the jib tack height (hence the luff tension) thus changing the sheeting angle in response to gusts, allowing you to de-power when you need to.


• A 5T hydraulic jacking cylinder in conjunction with a 39.5mm fine tune shim stack means mast tension can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit a variety of conditions, giving you greater control over your rig setup.

AERODYNAMIC CARBON SPREADERS- fitted with lightweight, removable, tip cup styled end fittings, extra benefits are:
• A clean spreader end which won’t snag your spinnaker during hoists & douses
• Easy removal of your side rigging for transport.

SOUTHERN SPARS REGATTA SPLICE – uniquely Southern Spars feature:
• Enables the mast to be repeatedly split into 2 pieces to facilitate transport between regattas, whilst maintaining the bend & performance characteristics of a one-piece mast.

DYNEX DUX TOPMAST RUNNING BACKSTAYS – the lightest solution for a backstay:
• Low stretch & high strength characteristics give you more control over head stay tension and mainsail trim.


  Comments: 1

  1. Is this boat much different then the Soto 33?