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(Source: C-Tech)Congratulations to Ethan Bixby who placed 5th recently at the 2012 Contender World Champs in Florida racing with a new concept spreader-less rig. Designed by C-Tech the concept has been developed along the lines of the Farr 3.7’s spreader-less rig. 

Ethan Bixby racing in Florida at the 2012 Contender Worlds
with a new concept spreader-less rig
Geoff Fisher the reigning Aussie Contender Champ won the Australian Nationals earlier this year racing with the same spreader-less rig from C-Tech.
“A fantastic outcome – I didn’t get overtaken ever on either a reach or a run. I was as fast as the fastest, able to pull out easy margin on the boats around me” Geoff Fisher January 2012

The main advantages of the speader-less rig are:-

  • reduction in windage
  • more effective weight distribution
  • predictable bend
  • reduced cost
Contact us at C-Tech if you would like to know more..

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