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(Source: Superyacht Design) UK, Southampton. Tony Castro Design, the studio behind the 52m Explorer and 40m Ecomar concepts, has created a 50m sailing yacht called WingSail. The project, which features a hull based on a previous design, is at the early stages of development with a focus on the technology and design behind the operation of the sail.

“We did a motorboat that was similar to the WingSail,” explains founder and designer Tony Castro. “However, I thought we should do a sailboat that would have super clean lines and that’s how the whole design came about.”

Although there are few details on the design at this stage, Castro was able to reveal that the concept features fold down platforms aft of the yacht to allow guests to get close to the sea when at anchor. The inclusion of a spa pool and an exterior seating area for al fresco dining has also been included towards the aft.

However, the main feature of the design is the wing, which when moored, folds down into the boom, making it easy to store and operate by the owner and crew. “WingSail is an effort to do something more exciting,” concludes Castro. “We spent quite a bit of time trying to design a system where you could reef the wing sail and have developed something that would be feasible.”

We hope to bring you more news on this project as it develops.

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