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Teamvodafone On Tight Repair
Following a dismasting in March, TeamVodafoneSailing is back and almost ready
to roll into the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s Auckland to Musket Cove,
Fiji Race starting this Saturday.

The boat is back in the
water, but waiting on another stay before it can hoist sails.

“We won’t miss the
sprint to warmer climes if we can at all help at – arriving at Musket Cove is
always a great experience,” says Skipper Simon Hull. “We will only
have a few days to shake her down, but we will be there Saturday for the race

With the help of Southern
Spars, the rig has been modified to overcome the weakness that caused the
failure, and the PBO stays have been replaced with EC6 Carbon rigging.

Atom Ant has withdrawn from
the event, and the remaining starters are Outrageous Fortune, Wild Card,
Equilibrium, V5, Venture 2, Squealer, and Vision (cruising rally).

A large high north of New
Zealand is expected to make for a long slow race, and more information
including PredictWind weather routing and predicted finishing times, will be
issued soon.

The 1,150 mile marathon
starts off Westhaven Marina in Auckland at midday on Saturday 1 June, and
finishes at the resort of Musket Cove in Fiji. The race is supported by Manson
Anchors,, and TNL GAC Pindar, and all boats will carry a
Yellowbrick Tracker with them on the race course, so that you can see where
they are up to at any time by visiting
— Zoe Hawkins

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