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D12 99 and D12 Max 99.
(Source: Marlow) Throughout our history Marlow have always embraced innovation, technology and advancement in materials and that philosophy continues at METS 2013 where we will be showcasing our all new D12 99 and D12 Max 99 products. 
Manufactured using new Dyneema® SK99, these new products join our Grand Prix Series as the highest strength for weight products on the market.  20% stronger than SK78 and 7% stronger than SK90, SK99 is the strongest fibre ever made by DSM.
Our Grand Prix Series customers rely on us to manufacture performance running rigging that can make the difference between winning and losing – whether it needs to be lighter, thinner, stiffer, softer.  Winning margins are miniscule, but our partnership with DSM Dyneema® means one thing that can be relied upon is the performance of the rope to get the most out of the crew and the boat.
Our network of Grand Prix Riggers demand the best for their customers and we deliver.  

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