Big Balls

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new uniball fitting design allows a perfect alignment of the cables
in any sailing conditio

(Source: Future Fibres) Uniballs are essential for superyachts where articulation ensures
proper alignment, reducing fatigue and improving life of the whole mast and
the rigging package. As the size of superyachts continues to increase, the
performance of every component becomes ever more critical.

While other companies in the industry rely on outsourced
manufacturers of these complex metal components, having been continually disappointed
with quality and performance, the Future Fibres  team set about a complete
re-design to create a strong, reliable and easy to maintain fitting.

Manufactured from a base material of either titanium or stainless
steel and incorporating a fully rotating ball made of an enhanced bronze alloy,
Future Fibres’ uniballs allow for perfect alignment of even the most heavily
loaded cables within the tough and corrosive marine environment.

Due to their simple, high quality design, Future Fibres uniballs
are far easier to install and can be removed within seconds. The specialist
bronze alloy ball not only provides excellent articulation while sailing, but
is easy to maintain and replace as required.



  Comments: 4

  1. What prevents the bobbin rotating around? as that would be very dangerous

  2. maybe that why there rig come down…….

  3. The pin that you put through it stops the bobbin rotating or falling out. It can't come undone until you take that out – safe as houses.

  4. There is nothing new here, not sure why anyone would claim this. Normally I am not a basher, but I smell a rat

    These might be too "…simple…" to quote the second paragraph, as the round titanium bobbin looks free to rotate, infact it looks just like the pbo fitting this company produce and they rotate too…