Rigging Projects Launched!

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Almost exactly 4 years after launching www.riggingnews.com , the only open
source, unbiased outlet for yacht rigging news on the internet, we have taken
it a step further by creating an independent consulting service. Rigging Projects is the accumulation
of over 15 years of maritime experience and many years in a technical sales
position at a pioneering composite rigging company.

 Rigging Projects is designed to help yacht owners, project
managers and even established riggers to make informed decisions on their next rigging
project, whether you are building a new boat or simply want to upgrade or replace
your current rigging. 
 With the acceptance
of composite rigging as a standard, competition between new and existing manufactures
is on the up and, with new systems being launched, the number of options
available is increasing all the time. 
Comparing different systems and core technology in a like
for like fashion is a big challenge and requires thorough market and product knowledge.
There are many aspects to consider; performance, interface, longevity, practicality
and service just to name a few. 
Rigging Projects will guide you through this process,
clearing the smoke and mirrors, giving you an unbiased comparison of all
options available. We have strong ties to all the suppliers which will enable
you to get the correct product, on time, within budget and the service that you
require. We work with the best riggers worldwide, ensuring that, no matter
where you are, you will have a reliable point of contact and hands on support
as and when required.
It’s simple: We work for you.
Visit Rigging Projects
today for our full service offering. We look forward to helping you with your
next rigging project!

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