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This has been brewing for a while and its now official. The two biggest players in the composite rigging industry are now one and the same:


(Source: Southern Spars) North
Technology Group (NTG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Future
Fibres by Southern Spars. Founded 20 years ago by Tom Hutchinson and
based in Valencia, Spain, Future Fibres is a marine industry leader in
high performance carbon cables, masts, booms, spreaders and custom
Combining these two industry leaders allows Southern
Spars the ability develop additional technology for their impressive
list of products, services and high performance solutions, in the marine
industry and beyond.
“Future Fibres has long been an innovator in the field of advanced fibre rigging” said Tom Whidden, CEO of North Technology Group. “With
NTG’s support, Southern Spars now has the resources to provide our
customers with a wider range of advanced rigging options. Future Fibres
has been built on three main brand values: performance, innovation and
dedication. We see the same values within the companies that derive
North Technology Group.  This made acquiring Future Fibres a natural
Whidden concluded.
Future Fibres first entered the
composite rigging market after Tom Hutchinson devised a way to better
terminate composite fibres by continuously winding PBO fibre around two
titanium thimbles at any required length. Future Fibres’ approach has
allowed composite rigging to be used on every area of the boat and not
restricted to just aft rigging as it historically was before.
“The team at Southern Spars is excited about the acquisition of Future Fibres,” said Richard Lott, CEO of Southern Spars. “The
mast and rigging market is quite depressed after the GFC which has been
putting pressure on Southern Spars and Future Fibres’ business. 
However, the Future Fibres team have developed some advanced mast
moulding technologies which complement our advanced computer-based rig
design tools,” said Lott. “The combination of technologies and 
engineering excellence will provide a refined and optimised rig solution
for every customer in the future.”

“Future Fibres’ DNA
is technology based and customer friendly,” explained founder Tom
Hutchinson. “The ability continue to innovate with North Technology
Group is something that will allow my original dream to prosper. I very
much look forward to working with all at Southern Spars and all of NTG.”


  Comments: 3

  1. One day after the announcement, it looks like Southern Spars is shutting down Future Fibres. All operations will stop by the end of the year.

  2. Good site.