Rigging News is the leading online news source for the yacht rigging industry. Launched in 2010, Rigging News aims to be an open source and unbiased outlet for all rigging news. This drive for an unbiased, expert opinion was the driving force behind the creation of Rigging Projects; to learn more about Rigging Projects, please visit www.riggingprojects.com, or read more about the Rigging News/Rigging Projects team below.

Rigging Projects Limited was born out of the desire to provide expert inside knowledge directly from years of working within the industry. It is the accumulation of over thirty years of industry experience, twenty of which were at the forefront of composite rigging, spar design and project management. Whatever design, whatever problem, whatever desired outcome – we have the experience to implement the best solution to suit your needs.

Rigging Projects was started by Tobias Hochreutener in 2014, following 6 years of working for Future Fibres as a Technical Sales Manager. He is involved with leading race teams, from the America’s Cup to the Maxi circuit, as well as sailing on super yachts and a history of single handed racing.  Tobias has experience on both sides of the sales and technical transaction, both as buyer and as seller.

In early 2016, Nick Black joined the company. A qualified naval architect, specialising in the field of composite rig design and advanced mechanical engineering, Nick worked with Future Fibres/Southern Spars as Team Design Leader, managing both performance multi and mono-hull mast and rigging projects from inception through to sea-trial.

Due to unparalleled demand and our ongoing success, Rigging Projects Limited expanded again in 2016, bringing Scott Gray on board. Specialising in running rigging, Scott has worked as a rigger for three Volvo Ocean Race teams including the 2011/12 winner Groupama. In the last edition of the race he supplied running rigging to the entire fleet as the one design supplier. Scott has raced a variety of boats since a young age and began his career as a composite mast builder at Southern Spars. More recently he has been specialising in multihull rigging packages and worked with Groupama Team France on the development of their AC45 Turbo.

Thanks to our background in technical sales in the rigging sector, we have impeccable connections to all major suppliers allowing us to present our clients with all the suitable options, regardless of budget or performance criteria. Unlike many other composite mast and rigging providers, we aren’t tied down to endorsing any one particular supplier, which means that we are able to provide honest and unbiased recommendations of truly the best items for the job.

The whole ethos of Rigging Projects is to provide our clients with unbiased, undiluted advice, design, engineering and, ultimately supply of the right product for the right application. This is an ethos that underpins everything that we do, from small projects to large. Coupled with our in-house design capacity, we are able to supply the perfect package from the deck up, regardless of whether you are simply looking for a furling system or a complete new build project. No project is too big or too small, and our passion for the industry means we’re always excited to tackle something new.

Whilst Rigging Projects is based in the UK, we are proud to have an expansive international clientele. Distance is not an issue and we’ve enjoyed working all over the world, from St. Tropez to New York and everywhere in between. As a part of this, we’re dedicated to providing a 360’ service which extends far beyond the design and procurement of equipment and systems. We strive to provide a continued support, managing many of our clients’ hands on service needs, from product service to full rig assembly and stepping. We’re keen to build a lasting relationship with our clients and, whether you need us one month or one year after the initial project, we’re only a phone call away.

Whether it’s a new furling cable or a complete composite rigging refit, contact us today and see how we can help.